East Africa is a perfect safari destination for all visitors interested in taking on Hiking Adventures for a holiday tour. With high raised and accessible Rift Valley mountain summits and forests, East Africa has a range of trekking destinations that offer the most unforgettable and adventurous hiking experiences with spectacular views of wildlife, attractions in the nearby communities and a scenic walk through the dense forests that grow on the slopes of the volcanoes. 

Mountain hiking in East Africa is complemented by other activities like gorilla trekking, making your safari a complete package. Virunga mountains in Uganda and Rwanda are homes to the endangered mountain gorillas. Book a hiking trip with us, to Mgahinga National Park in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and have the opportunity to watch gorillas in their natural habitats. We'll create you a customized itinerary that combines hiking with gorilla trekking. 

Mountains in East Africa offer many experiences with the; beautiful green Rain Forests, sparkling Glaciers, and Bamboo Vegetation zones that you can view on your way through to the top of these grand platforms. Hiking is a test of your strength and its accomplishment will leave you prouder than before. For the beginners, Trafeka recommends hiking the volcanoes since it takes less days and hours as compared to Mountain Climbing which takes Days & weeks.

Hiking & Trekking Destinations | Where to go hiking

East Africa has numerous high mountains and hiking trails that offer hikers exciting adventures while on their holiday in Africa. These include; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Kenya, Rwenzori mountains in Uganda, and Virunga volcanoes in Uganda and Rwanda;

Below are some of the different hiking safari destinations that we do recommend and are available any time of the year;

1. Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft | Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the utmost mountain in both Tanzania and Africa, is just as remarkable as you would imagine. There are numerous trails for hikers climbing, and the Machame, Lemosho, and Shira routes are the most well-liked, taking between six to eight days. If you have some spare time and a somewhat larger budget, we recommend, you check out the Northern Circuit route. The trail can take eight and a half days, but you will be rewarded with the mountain’s most stunning and magnanimous views.

2. Mt. Kenya - 17,060 ft | Kenya

As the second utmost mountain in Kenya and Africa at large, we make sure that climbing Mt. Kenya is an activity you prepare sufficiently for. There are a number of different routes up the mountain, and all reward hikers with the spotless glacial summit. Sirimon, the most liked route by hikers, can take only two days for trekkers climbing in a hurry, although the three day Burguret route is less used and totally glorious. Naro Moru and Chogoria are the two downward trails, and take two or three days respectively — making the whole hike, a minimum of four days long. We recommend you take your time attempting this mountain, and we promise you will have an amazing hike adventure with us.

3. Rwenzori Mountain Range - 16,700 ft | Uganda

Also known as the Mountains of the Moon, The Rwenzori Mountains are located in Western Uganda and some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The range is at a high altitude, boasting the third highest peak in Africa. The accompanying glaciers are actually one of the sources for the mighty Nile River, and the range’s rocky cliffs and nine lakes are dazzling. There are numerous summits available for hikers, including Margherita Peak, Mount Stanley, Mount Speke and Mount Baker, and we make sure you take on the appropriate one(s).

4. Mt. Karisimbi - 14,790 ft | Rwanda

As Rwanda’s highest mountain - Mt. Karisimbi is beyond impressive. Under our arrangement, hikers will trek for two days, spending a night at the extinct volcano’s base camp before attempting the summit the morning after. The powerful incline is challenging, but picture-perfect views of Rwanda’s rolling hills and spotless Lake Kivu are included at no extra cost.

Hiking & Trekking Essentials | What To Carry For Your Hiking Safari

TRAFEKA recommends carrying or hiring the right hiking Gear that we can get for you while on your Mountaineering/ Hiking Safari Tours in East Africa. This gear includes; Rain Jacket, Hiking Boots, Warm Stockings, Gardening Gloves, long sleeved Shirts, Long Pants not jeans, camera, Extra Batteries.

Are you ready to book your next Mountaineering/Hiking Safari Tour in East Africa? Contact us and let’s do the planning for you.

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