Rhino Trekking is one of the most popular activities and experiences in Africa. Rhinos are the members of the African “Big Five” mammals, which had become extinct in all national parks across East Africa because of encroachment on their habitats and poaching for their horns. Rhino Sanctuaries were later set up, to protect the Rhinos, breed them and eventually re-introduce them to the national parks where they once existed. East Africa now boasts of many rhino sanctuaries and wildlife ranches, from where rhinos are tracked and observed in their natural habitats.

Trafeka takes you to Rhino Sanctuaries across East Africa for Rhino trekking experiences. You'll learn more about Rhinos, their behaviors and lifestyle. You'll spend some time with a Rhino, as you watch other animals and a variety of beautiful birds during the nature walks. Book a day Rhino Sanctuary tour with us, we'll create you a memorable excursion experience, through our expert knowledge.

Rhino Trekking Destinations in East Africa | Where to go

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda

In Uganda, Rhino trekking is only done at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is located in Nakasongola district, north of Uganda - 176 km from Kampala along the Kampala – Gulu highway. Also known as Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a home of white rhinos in Uganda. You will also be able to encounter more wild animals such as the Uganda Kob, hippos, crocodiles and many bird species. 

Book an excursion trip to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, or Murchison Falls Safari through Ziwa rhino sanctuary, our trained specialists are ready to make sure your venture into the African wilderness is complete and once in a lifetime experience. 

Rhino Conservation in Kenya

1. Saruni Rhino

Saruni offers visitors a stunning, ‘thrill-of-a-lifetime’ experience, a walking safari tracking the black rhino, accompanied by our expert guide and a highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger, leading you in safety to the locations of some of the various rhinos throughout the 54,000 hectares-large sanctuary. The vast rhino sanctuary is fenced in one of the most advanced conservation projects of Kenya, providing you wildlife opportunities and experiences to spot buffalos, elephants, antelopes, Samburu specials, and a plethora of birdlife.

2. Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Conservancy is not only amazingly beautiful with a stunning backdrop of Mount Kenya; it’s also one of the world’s most significant wildlife areas, given that the original owners gave up their land for conservation, to purposely protect the black and white rhino from poachers. We invite you to stay at some of the great places here like the Lewa House - where you can accompany anti-poaching patrols with tracker dogs.

3. Laikipia Region

The Laikipia region is another of East Africa’s leading wildlife havens. Set up by colonial landowners and indigenous people in the shadow of Mount Kenya, the 90,000-acre Ol Pejeta Conservancy, is particularly well known for having Kenya’s largest concentration of black rhinos—110 of them at the last count. It has also been home to four of the seven remaining northern white rhinos in the world since late 2009. 

Tanzania rhino safaris

Home to the Masai people, the Ngorongoro Crater is a “Wildlife Mecca” which Trafeka invites you to experience. Wildlife drives pass through this crater floor, where you can sometimes spot the black rhino and other animals like; lions, elephants, buffalos, and leopards, also known as the big 5.

Add Rhino Trekking at any of the places mentioned above on your bucket list, then simply contact us, send us an email or give us a call for a detailed itinerary. It doesn’t matter what stage of planning you are at; we are always happy to chat and give guidance.

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