Going for a business or leisure trip is a reason to hire a professional bodyguard, a close protection officer or a personal guide. Trafeka is proud to offer you secure travel and guidance to allow you enjoy a stress free holiday, while knowing your security matters are being taken care of. We'll assign to you a licensed security bodyguard. Speak to us today, to discuss your travel and security needs.

Trafeka provides luxury private protection & security services to visitors to East Africa. With access to the most elite, highly trained and armed private security forces in the region, we provide you the best security and confidentiality services that exceed all your expectations, creating the peace of mind you deserve. Client confidentiality and security is our number one priority. 

We provide luxury bodyguards and security assistance services for visitors (groups or families) looking to explore the beauty of East Africa, but are not sure where to go or whether it is safe to do so. If you are traveling to East Africa, but you're not certain of doing it on your own, we can offer expert advice on the country of your interest, impart knowledge and provide security while you sit back and enjoy your travel and the beautiful scenery.

We offer highly flexible security & private protection services that can be tailored to specific requirements of the client, ranging from security planning to; welcoming & transferring clients to vehicle, safe traveling, safe arrival at the airport & safari destinations, and safe return to the secure locations. We specialize in the areas of close protection, events security, bodyguards, security driver guides, and other security services.

Trafeka Security Operatives will welcome and receive you at any airport in East Africa, ensure your safety as you change currency, then get you safely to your accommodation and safari destinations. For our Corporate Clients, we accompany you to all your meetings, events, or functions, ensuring your safety, so you can focus on your day's appointments and meetings, without worrying about your safety, the traffic or stress of the road conditions.

Our English-speaking protection agents, well trained drivers and related services, cover all East Africa's largest cities and popular safari destinations like; Kampala, Kigali, Nairobi, Dar- es- salaam, Mombasa, Dodoma, Entebbe, as well as the destination safari parks, and other places within the region. Book a bodyguard with us, we'll arrange you the best safari experience featuring secure airport transfer, accommodation at a luxury hotel, safe travel guide and personal concierge. All with awesome support of our dedicated professional team.

Are you a professional, a diplomat, or a corporate traveller? Our close protection officers will fit your lifestyle! Contact us today, we will offer you protection while you go about your travels to East Africa. You'll enjoy your journeys and safaris with peace, love and comfort.

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