Africa has a vast inland network of water bodies and Indian Ocean, that include Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Turkana, Lake Kivu, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo, River Nile, River Tana, River Rufiji among other lakes and rivers, where you can experience a wide range of water sports activities. Have an action packed day by combining stunning scenic views, bird and primate watching, and delicious food, with white water rafting, river boarding, sport fishing, bungee jumping, lake cruising, canoeing and kayaking.

East Africa’s wild rivers and lakes offer you the perfect opportunity for a wide variety of water sports, both motorized and non-motorized. If you prefer the allure of water to dry land on your holiday, the region has a good mixture of over and under water activities that you could dive into. Here is our top pick for you, East Africa’s main Lakes with their water-based activities to enjoy with us;

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the African continent and the world’s second largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior in North America.  Located in Eastern Central Africa with a size of 68,800 sq km, the almost 400,000 years old Lake Victoria spans across three countries: Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is the principal source of the mighty River Nile, one of the world’s most important and longest rivers flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea through Egypt. The River Nile drains Lake Victoria by about 15%.  

Lake Victoria has many vibrant tourist activities that you should not miss out on, including; Nile High Bungee – Uganda, Nile or a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria with a BBQ and drinks, Kayaking on the White Nile, White-water Rafting, Fishing trip in search of the giant Nile Perch, Tubing the Nile and much more.

Lake Tanganyika

At 660 kilometers, Lake Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in the world. It is also the second deepest lake in the world at 1436 meters. The Lake’s temperature ranges from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius all year round, making the perfect destination for water-based activities. It is also believed to hold approximately 18% of the world’s fresh water! Covering approximately 32 900 square kilometers, Lake Tanganyika forms the boundary between DR Congo and Tanzania, with over 26 rivers flowing into it and only the Lukuga River flows out of Lake Tanganyika. 

Apart from the popular diving in the lake, there are so many other activities that you can enjoy at Lake Tanganyika; Water sports –  Snorkeling and Scuba Diving,  sailing, swimming, boating, and waterboarding, kite surfing and waterskiing. You'll also take pleasure in Sport fishing, Kayaking and Lake game viewing – while there are plenty of fish to be seen during your diving and snorkeling trips, there are also many aquatic critters to be seen, including otters, freshwater crabs, speckled eels and freshwater jellyfish (harmless).

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the largest lake in Rwanda and sixth largest in Africa, forming part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Located in the western part of Rwanda, Lake Kivu is known for its beautiful islands, surrounded by magnificent mountains and tropical weather suitable for relaxation while on vacation or safari in Rwanda. It also has beautiful beaches and scenery, in addition to the deep emerald green waters covering a surface area of about 2,700 square kilometers. 

You'll explore the Lake, as well as its sights and sounds, through our tour handlers, knowing you are in safe hands. Some of the activities to enjoy on Lake Kivu include; Swimming, Sunbathing, Canoeing, Island hopping and Fishing.

Lake Turkana

Sitting at the very northern end of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Turkana shines in the heart of any other natural landscape that would look more at home on the Moon than planet Earth. Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake, with its waters stretching into panoramas of blackened lava and dramatic calderas. The remote Northern Kenya is undoubtedly difficult to get to, but those who make their way to Lake Turkana are rewarded by visions of one of the most intense and untamed areas left in Africa.

Some of the things to do on and around this world’s largest desert lake is; Visiting Central Island, one of the gazette National parks in the region, hikes at the hills in Lodwar, among others.

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