With lakes, rivers and wetlands covering almost one quarter of East Africa, combine your honeymoon or adventure safari with kayaking and canoeing. You'll discover the tranquility of floating on East Africa's water bodies including Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Kiva, Lake Tanganyika, River Nile, and several others, while experiencing and learning about nature. Book your safari with us, we'll blend it with kayaking & canoeing for your complete safari experience.

Discover a diverse view of wildlife along the rivers with our handpicked canoe/ kayak safari, an exceptional experience which blends the calming peace of the river. It offers visitors a chance to not only experience the great water bodies, but also, encounter with the local communities, and watch primates and birds. Our trained team of professionals will give you the necessary support to ensure your Kayaking and Canoeing safari is once in a lifetime experience.

The decisive activity for thrill seekers is the Grade 5 Tandem Kayaking that allows you to take on some of the biggest and best rapids in a single day. All participants are first trained by our experienced instructors before embarking on these activities. The partakers learn about the flow of the river, basic strokes, back and forward paddling, rescue and capsizing skills. Our support team will be there to guide you on everything you need to know. 

DESTINATIONS | Where to go Kayaking and Canoeing in East Africa;

1. Uganda | White Nile River & Lake Bunyonyi

Kayakers don't get enough of the 25-kilometer section of Uganda’s White Nile River from just above Lake Victoria to the new City of Jinja, since it’s proven to be safe from Grade 5 rapids. With more to Uganda than the frantic, green frothy waves of the White Nile, your safari will also feature watching African wildlife, encountering with the local community people and enjoying great food. We'll create you a perfect itinerary that combines the best of Uganda in a mix.

A canoe ride in Lake Bunyonyi is a memorable and a scenic experience. Lake Bunyonyi being one of the loveliest lakes in Uganda, is dotted with islands and surrounded by steep terraces and hillsides. It's a perfect base for relaxation after a day's activity. Book your safari with us, we'll arrange you a customized trip that features canoeing in Lake Bunyonyi and other experiences, with accommodation in a lakeside lodge. All selected for you with the support of our experienced team.

2. Kenya | Mathioya River & Athi River

Mathioya River is the ideal destination for the experienced kayakers and rafters. Sliding more than 450 meters in a matter of only 22 kilometers, it boasts a collection of the most technical rafting courses in Kenya. You'll enjoy an epic eight kilometers of almost continuous Grade IV white water action. Plan your kayaking safari with us, we'll take you to the best destinations in East Africa, specially selected for you, with years of experience and knowledge.

Athi River in Kenya is the perfect mix between a white water kayaking adventure and a wildlife safari. Picture the excitement of observing giraffes and elephants stroll past, as you navigate these full-size rapids. An Athi River excursion includes Grade 3 rapids and loads of fascinating wildlife such as crocodiles. Our bespoke safaris will combine your wildlife viewing with water adventure & activities.

3. Tanzania | Rufiji River

Rufiji River is one of the best places to experience Kayaking in Africa. It is where the waters of the Kilomero and Luwegu Rivers join; they give birth to the Rufiji. The Rufiji River runs through Tanzania, rises in the southwest, and pours into the Indian Ocean. The territory neighbouring the Rufiji, boasts some of the best animal safari lands in the world. Create a safari with us, we'll arrange you the best kayaking experiences with accommodation in a luxury hotel and safari lodge, all chosen for your specific occasions.

4. Rwanda | Lake Kivu

Exploring the coastline of Lake Kivu by kayak is a magnificent way of engrossing yourself in the panorama - looking up at the mountainous backdrop from the calmness of the water. Birds dash in and out of the bushes while fishermen mend their nets on the shore in the daytime. The clear and clean lake has an uneven shoreline, with lots of sandy beaches, as well as small islands to investigate. 

So, are you ready to take on a Kayaking safari to East Africa Safari? Speak to us now, we'll help put together your perfect getaway!

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