Famous for some of the continent’s best conferencing facilities, most diverse wildlife viewing, stunning landscapes, immersive cultural experiences and warm people, East Africa is a popular business hub and destination for hosting international conferences and events. Trafeka offers a healthy international business experience for individuals and groups, with a complete pre-conference and post-conference tour experiences organized from years of experience and knowledge about the region.

East Africa's strategic location on the continent, gives corporate travelers various connecting flight options, secure internet connections, world-class hotels, and convenient transportation means. From Airport transfers to corporate hotel bookings and private security, Trafeka arranges your unforgettable meeting experience, be it for a small custom-designed business getaway or for a large international conference of delegates. All of this, at no extra cost, yet arranged at the lowest competitive rates.

With “Business and Leisure trips” in the mix, Trafeka corporate packages allow you to add a few more days to your business trip to make it a leisure related one. We'll take you for city tours and day excursions, to ensure that you have a good time and save more by not having to spend on another holiday. Speak to our corporate travel consultants to help combine your business trip with leisure.

Are you a corporate traveller?

Trafeka takes care of all your business travel needs. Our corporate team, consisting of highly experienced Travel Consultants take on personalized approach to meet the needs of every corporate traveler, from visa guidance, and flight recommendation for the corporate class, to arranging you; a chauffeur car, a business friendly hotel and conference facilities. Our travel consultant will advise you on the travel documentation process and help plan your trip, at no extra cost.

We at Trafeka understand that business is hectic and loaded with new challenges and opportunities. We give you a hassle-free travel experience so you can remain productive and focused on your purpose of travel. Trafeka private security will receive you at the airport, accompany you to the safety of your; hotel, meetings and events, and ensure your safety while changing currency. You'll remain focused on your day's appointments in complete comfort and peace with our support.

Our corporate travel services are designed to guarantee maximum savings on time, cost and stress. Plan your trip with us, we will help find you the best corporate amenities required to be productive on the Job – the best corporate; hotels, airport transfers, car hire providers, and bodyguards. Contact us using our 24/7 traveler support helplines and contact forms when you require the most.


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