East Africa is known for its high altitude and good coffee growing areas. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, all have big coffee and tea plantations working to their full capacity. A Coffee tour is a fascinating and perfect activity to do on arrival or before departure. To have a perfect African journey - a night on a coffee farm is ideal because the farms are amazingly calm and peaceful. We take you to various coffee farms around the region, as you discover the process involved in making coffee, from coffee bean to a cup of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world, and East Africa is an important part of that chain. We organize a day coffee trip to a coffee farm, which tracks back your favorite Coffee, from the farm to the processing Plant. Your journey will be through a scenic drive with the charming views of the coffee farms. Speak to us today, our trained tour specialists, ground handlers and support team are here to hand pick and organize your special coffee trip.

Coffee Tour Destinations in East Africa

In Uganda, Arabica coffee grows on the slopes of Mount Elgon, while the Robusta type grows in the other regions of Central & Western Uganda. Let us take you to Mbale for a tour of Uganda's Arabic coffee plantations or to Bwindi for Robusta coffeee safari. As you enjoy the wonderful coffee, you will learn how it is grown, processed and how it impacts the local people, and even participate in Uganda's best cultural festivals. We organize you this trip through our years of experience and knowledge.

We invite you to experience Kenya’s “black gold” - the Kenyan coffee! A visit to Karunguru Estate Coffee Farm will take you through the process that coffee goes through before getting to your cup, with a view of the green country environment dotted with beautiful hills and valleys. It's just 20 minutes drive away from Nairobi city. Our skilled team will go through your requirements, requests and desires to create for you the perfect itinerary that includes a coffee trip.

Visit Gibbs’s farm on the Ngorongoro highlands in Tanzania with Trafeka, a fully working farm situated at an amazing setting, right next to the Ngorongoro Crater. The atmosphere on the farm is one of relaxed participation, allowing visitors to do as much or as little as they want. Our trained team of professionals will ensure your venture into the African Coffee growing and processing is a once in a lifetime experience.

We create you the whole travel experience with a personal touch and concierge, and should you need anything extra or special; Be it, a security guard, personal guide, airport transfer, or rental car, our travel consultants are here to help plan your memorable coffee trip to East Africa - the land of great escapes.

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