Trafeka charity aims to create a difference by transforming lives in the local communities through education, health, wildlife conservation and community support for self sustenance. Traveling to Africa enables us to explore new communities, as well as connect with them physically, culturally and emotionally. It also opens our eyes and hearts, changes the way we see and think of people and places in the world. 

At Trafeka charity, we encourage our employees, clients, partners, members and volunteers to fight against inequality of all forms, and donate to our cause. Our charity is not just about giving back to communities; it is about caring and making a difference, which directly reflects the interests and passions of all our stakeholders worldwide. Donate to our cause today to make a difference in African communities. 

Trafeka Foundation needs your support to continue carrying out the charity work of supporting the unprivileged people and conserving nature in Africa. Your contribution can make a significant difference in African communities. When you donate to our charity, you're joining a community that is on the fore-front of enhancing the sustainability of local communities and wildlife in Africa. 

With your heart-felt donations, you will not only get rewarded by watching thousands of people living changed lives through your generosity, but you will also be included in the Trafeka Charity donor recognition programme. You will get to see the power of your generosity through our quarterly updates and monthly newsletters.

Donate to our cause or volunteer with us and join a global community that is on the fore-front of creating a change in the livelihood of local communities and conservation of wildlife in Africa. 

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