Award recognitions are some of the things that keep travel & tourism industry players ahead in providing world class hospitality services to their clients. Trafeka is proud to introduce to you the various award programs to recognize the best performing tourism industry companies & excellent tourism performers at all levels. We have hand-picked and crafted award programs for country level, regional level and international level.

Trafeka recognizes partners and employees for exceptional hospitality and excellent performance in service delivery to their clients and guests, as evidenced in their Trafeka ratings and rankings or guest review scores, along with their annual overall performance in the Travel and Tour industry.

The Annual Trafeka Awards are meant for eligible Trafeka Members who meet the criteria and standards set by Trafeka in making sure the partners and travel & tour suppliers, provide world class hospitality services to clients. The various Awards include; Travel Awards, Hotel Awards, Restaurant Awards, Tour Awards, Safari Awards, Employee Awards, among other special categories.

The Award Ceremonies are organized by Trafeka in each of the destination countries across Africa to recognize hospitality excellence. The details of 2021/2022 ceremonies will be updated as each event is confirmed. For more information about Trafeka Awards, please contact us!

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